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Welcome to the online training programs provided by World Skills.

World Skills has been a leader in enhancing newcomers’ economic integration into the Canadian economy for over 20 years.

Founded by Local Agencies Serving Immigrants, a coalition of settlement agencies in Ottawa, World Skills is a non-profit employment centre dedicated exclusively to the employment needs of newcomers and to the needs of the local labour market. We help immigrants incorporate into the workforce through employment competency building, job search training and support, cultural competency building and language training.

We connect talented newcomers to employers in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We partner with employers to help them meet their labour market needs by understanding their business requirements, finding and pre-screening internationally trained newcomers and offering cross-cultural training.

The online self learning workshops on this portal are just part of the range of services and programs available. Please visit the World Skills main website for more information. To register for online self learning, you must first meet certain eligibility requirements. The requirements and a list of our services can be found here – World Skills services . See below for the workshops and content that are currently available to World Skills clients.

Let’s Get Started!

To complete the workshops in our online training, you must first be registered with World Skills as a client. If you qualify, you may have received a special code to allow your registration after your coordinator intake session. The specific workshop will become active for you. Other workshops are available to a wider range of people. Check each course for the requirements.

Once you have completed a program that entitles you to a certificate, you will be required to take a final quiz and then you will receive a certificate of completion. Follow the instructions sent to you by World Skills staff to register as a user and unlock the program.

Completing the courses makes use of the Learn Dash platform. If you are not familiar with Learn Dash or online training, review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Available Workshops

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